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Midwest Red Metal Snips 18 Gauge Right Hand


Features compound leverage, most easily with right-hand. Keeps cut metal below the hands for safety, protection, and performance. Cuts straight and tight curves to the left.

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Patented KUSH’N-POWER® (US D718,602, D719,808)
Made in the USA

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Red Shear 18 Gauge, Aviation Snips, meticulously engineered to optimize material flow away from the blades and position your hand securely above the cutting surface.

With exceptional maneuverability for long cuts or tight curves, this shear is a game-changer.

It caters to both straight lines and intricate curves, making it the perfect choice for right-handed individuals. Notably, our GLIDETECH® FORGED BLADES elevate the standards with unparalleled strength, an extended edge life, and unmatched precision.

Crafted meticulously, these blades are hot drop forged using molybdenum alloy steel, then subjected to Austemper® heat treatment for utmost durability and a razor-sharp cutting edge. From the pinch of the blades to their very tips, you can achieve precise and complete cuts effortlessly.

Enhancing your experience further, our patented KUSH’N-POWER® (US D718,602, D719,808) compound leverage handle action amplifies your grip strength while providing a plush, solid, and comfortable hold. It’s worth highlighting that these exceptional snips are proudly manufactured in the USA, exemplifying our unwavering commitment to top-notch quality and exquisite craftsmanship.

Item Length

9 3/4"

Cutting Length

1 1/4"

Cutting Action

Tight Left Curves/Straight

Cutting Capacity

18 ga (Cold Rolled Steel), 22 ga (Stainless Steel)



Metal Gauge

18 Mild


Meets ASME

Manufacturer Part #


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